Intrepid Air & Space


 intrepid 2009 49

Intrepid Air & Space is located in NY City west side. The Intrepid Aircraft Carrier was  closed for a multi-year renovation in 2006. This set of pictures were taken the weekend of the closing in 2006 and as second set of pictures were taken after the reopening in 2009

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Teterboro Wings and Wheels Expo



Teterboro Wings and Wheels Expo is a annual event sponsored by the Teterboro Aviation Hall of Fame Museum. It has both flying aircraft on display and classic cars, 2009 featured an A-10 formation fly-by by the local air national guard. The musuem itself if quite small but worth a visit if you are close by or coming for the expo.

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US Army Ordnance Museum


 german ferdinand elefant

These photos were taken in 2009 when this museum was located In Maryland inside the Aberdeen Proving Grounds US army base, a great collection of armor.  Since 2010, this museum has been moved to Fort Lee, Virginia

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New England Air Museum


 b 29a

New England Air Museum is located in Bradley International Airport Windsor Locks, Connecticut.  Has a great collection of military and civilian aircraft, a dedicated section for the Tuskagee Airmen, the 57th bomber group in Asia, and the Flying Tigers. These pictures are from 2009.

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Red Wings over the Yalu - Xiaoming Zhang

Red Wings over the Yalu: China, the Soviet Union, and the Air War in Korea by Xiaoming Zhang. This is a great addition to the history of the airwar in the Korean war. Based on research on previously unavailble sources in China and Russia, Zhang have created a very interesting history from the Chinese side.

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Tex Hill - Training and First Assignment (part 1)

hill david 1936After graduating high school, Tex attended Texas A&M and then Austin college and graduated in 1938. He then applied for the Army Air Corp, but didn't get in. So he tried the Naval Aviation program, which accepted him as a seaman, second class at Opa Locks, Florida. Tex and 12 other candidates took a three-week class, which began with classroom training and concluded with 10 hours of flying instruction in a Stearman NS-1 biplane trainer.

Accepted as a cadet in Class 121-C at Naval Air Station Pensacola where he underwent a further 13 week of training. In Pensacola, classes started every month and overlapped each other. It was in these other classes that Tex met three other future Flying Tigers, Ed Rector, Bert Christman, and Scarsdale Jack Newkirk.

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